Magazine Advertisements Send Unhealthy Signals To Women

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Magazines advertisements portray beauty using models that are usually abnormally thin. This makes most woman, especially those who are young, feel inferior and insecure about their own bodies. They believe they will only be beautiful if they look like the women in the magazines. Most women will try going on a crazy diets like the tapeworm diet, or the baby food diet, just to try to look like the models on the cover of magazines. Even young girls see the magazines as a reflection of what they should look like when they get older. Woman will stare at themselves in the mirror and find all kinds of things wrong with their body, face, and clothing. They will compare anything and everything from their weight to their hair to the models on …show more content…

In society, most women as well as men, are overweight. We should teach people to love themselves and accept who they are. If they don’t then do something to change it, but do it the right way. Women go to extremes to try to change themselves to have what society visualizes as “the perfect body.” They try changing everything about themselves to try to be accepted. This leads to eating disorders and young woman getting sick, sometimes

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