Beauty Pageants Are Not Healthy For Children

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Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess. With today 's society, children are becoming them at a younger and younger age. Beauty pageants have become a phenomenon in American culture. Miss America winners are role models for these girls. They represent the perfect woman, or at least perfect to society 's standards. The world of child beauty pageants has become a source of fascination in today 's society. Networks such as TLC and WE TV have produced popular reality shows focusing on the miniature sized divas because it is what is selling. One can not help but wonder how parading around children like they 're trophies can be a positive activity. Beauty pageants are not healthy for children to go through. The pageants force young girls to act more mature and exhibit age-inappropriate sexuality, and can also lead to negative body image and mental health problems later on. Just because child beauty pageants are acceptable in society, does not mean that they should be. Society either needs to get rid of the child beauty pageants or they need to figure out how to make them more age appropriate. While beauty pageants for children have been around for a long time, the first pageant was televised was in 1960 in Miami, Florida. Compared to back then, today the beauty pageants are a multi-billion dollar industry (Giroux 31). Little girls are to compete in categories such as swimwear, beauty, talent, modeling and glamour. The contestants have fake eyelashes, tans,
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