The Horrors Of Beauty Pageants

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Breeley Eichenberger Mrs. Berkley/Ms. Slaughter English III, Period 8 7 April 2017 Horrors of Beauty Pageants Each year, around three million children, ages 6 to 16, will compete in a beauty pageant. When a child enters to compete in a beauty pageant, it not only damages the child now, but as well as later in life. Also, the standards that these children are held to while competing in a beauty pageant is affecting their development. Many people say that self-confidence is something many people lack these days. When a parent enters their child in a beauty pageant, self-confidence is a skill they develop. Beauty pageants are often given the task of speaking and performing in front of a crowd. Practicing these skills early in life can …show more content…

The child does not even want to be there, and is visibly upset because they do not want to be there (Yap). This is a problem. The parents force their children to compete, when there can be children, young enough to take naps that cannot take them. This actually damages the health of the child. Parents devoted multiple hours a day to preparing their child(s) to enter in a beauty pageant, but with that practice, they take away the time for their kid to live a fulfilled childhood. Parents are putting their beauty contestant in scandalous outfits, and mistreating their child’s body. JonBenet Ramsey was a six-year-old beauty pageant contestant. She was brutally beaten and murdered, and her dead body was found in a storage room by her father. Many believe that the cause of her murder was due to her involvement in beauty pageants. The sexualization of her body by being scantily dressed and heavy makeup is believed to have caused her death. Parents take extreme measures to make their child flawless. Duct tape, vaseline, super glue, hemorrhoid cream, and many other crazy things are being used on children, which could have a painful after effect (Panahi). “I remember the first time I came across an episode of TLC 's Toddlers and Tiaras. I was horrified. The show, in case you have not seen it, shows girls, most of whom are barely out of diapers, being spray-tanned and waxed, painted with lipstick, fitted with hair extensions and false eyelashes, and zipped into

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