Professional Socialization In Nursing

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Professional Socialization
Socialization is the process during which people learn the roles, statuses and values necessary for participation in social institutions. (Dinmohammadi, 2013) This process is life long and begins with learning norms and roles of a family. It is important to develop a self concept which will continue to grow. As a person gets older you develop new groups and assume new roles. In turn the person will learn new norms and redefine self concepts. Professional socialization is only the periodic process of socialization that continues throughout an individual’s life.

Socialization is an ongoing process and is a facet of lifelong learning. It will vary from person to person. One way to introduce socialization to …show more content…

Studies show registered nurses (RN) are connected to the fact that they as well as myself are already practicing nurses. Each RN have the knowledge base within the profession but feel after the completion of their BSN degree, there will be no change in perspective role or work environment. But unlike this belief studies have shown that the nurse who completes the program is more efficient in her new role. RN- BSN students in fact are highly motivated. This motivation comes from employment opportunities as well as job …show more content…

Being a professional is very important to me and I strive for the knowledge to make me into a not so much better nurse but a more qualified nurse. I feel it is important to continue my education even higher after completion of this course. I want my kids to see how important education is. My kids are my biggest influence in my choices I want to be the best I can be for them.

While being enrolled in the BSN program I feel I will gain a better understanding of my role as a professional nurse. The graduate nurse will focus more on awareness of having more knowledge, perspective and confidence in their role. They will also have a reflective way of thinking, have political awareness and will have more in-depth critical thinking skills. This new role can provide new rewards and positive synergy. I feel I have the ability to embrace this change and strive to make myself a better

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