Becoming A Veterinari Veterinarian

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Becoming a Veterinarian Veterinarians are without a doubt, the backbone of many establishments. Not only are they responsible for ensuring that our pets, and diets are consistent. They are also relied upon for the proper care of animals in our zoos research facilities, and they also help inspect our foods! Veterinarians help diagnose and treat animals of diseases, work x-ray machines, give prescriptions, as well as perform surgery, if necessary. It is a highly competitive field, but, those with intern experience, or even those working at a small barn or farm, increase their chances of being accepted into the program. Veterinarians are constantly working with other compassionate technicians, and medical workers to ensure that both the animals and their owners are tended to accordingly. Surprisingly, the medical field has evolved so much that the Veterinarians now use treatment procedures similar to that of humans.

I was first exposed to this career when I decided to join the SummerCreek’s FFA Vet Tech Team. During this time, I was able to be up close and personal to different types of animals, such as pigs, unsettling parasites, and adorable lovebirds! Although, I had to distinguish what breed the animals were, I did enjoy the overall experience of witnessing the complexity of the veterinary field. My personality type is “ISTJ” or “The Logistician” and according to its description, Logistician’s are extremely straightforward, very sensitive to detail, and self-sufficient.…
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