Becoming An Ophthalmologist

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Ophthalmologists are the highest level of practitioners’ specializing in eye and vision care. As medical MD they are have completed over 12 years of education and training to be licensed to practice medicine and surgery. These earned skills and knowledge allow ophthalmologists to diagnose and treat eye disease, surgery, and prescribe eyeglass and contact lenses correcting vision problems.
When it comes to scientific research pertaining to eye diseases or vision disorders, Ophthalmologists generally lead the project. It’s not unusual for a Doctor of Ophthalmology to work with a group of interns or graduate students preparing to enter the field. The learning experience can be critical as these students prepare to participate in research as physicians and surgeons.
Generally, you will find Ophthalmologists selecting subcategories of medical practice pertaining to eye problems and conditions such as …show more content…

Signals when you should see an Ophthalmologist are changes in vision causing blurred images, flashing lights or double vision. Physical changes to your eyes can be indicators of infection and should be looked at immediately. The best prevention is to see your doctor periodically throughout your life, particularly if eye disease is part of your family’s health history. It’s a good suggestion to see your doctor regularly; past 50 years of age at least every 5 years, beyond 65 years of age at least every 2 years.
Something to keep in mind, there are two other levels of practice for eye conditions and vision, neither are medical doctors. The first is an Optometrist, a doctor of optometry is able to perform eye exams and vision tests, corrective lenses, detection of eye abnormalities, and licensed to prescribe medications for certain eye diseases. The second is an optician technician trained to design and fit eyeglass and contact

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