Becoming Ethical Helping Professional

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Self Reflection Paper: Becoming an Ethical Helping Professional Ethical codes are a fundamental part of every profession, whether that is being a doctor, a psychologist, a police officer, a teacher, a businessman, a barber and so on. Before starting the course I did not know much about what it meant to be an ethical professional, and about the general principles that an helping professional lives by. Throughout this class I have learned skills and knowledge that will help me in my journey of becoming an helping professional, and using the practice of counseling to promote respect for human dignity and diversity. During week 1 we discussed about where we were in relation to the acculturation model, and I believed I was closely aligned with …show more content…

I believed that confidentiality could not be broken under any circumstances and that the only stakeholder would have been the client. Taking the act Utilitarian perspective, a helping professional needs to ask herself/himself whether that particular circumstance will result in the greatest happiness. Keeping this in mind, the therapist considers the potential consequence of each scenario. Thus, breaking confidentiality and reporting to the law enforcement is sometimes the best action to take as it would strop harm experienced by the client or others involved. In fact, maintaining confidentiality is not always an ethical decision. The therapist needs to consider the scenario that would bring the greatest good. Confidentiality might not always be the most important aspect, especially when treating a minor who is abused and/or neglected. This is when the notion of Consequentialism comes in handy, the good is determined by the consequences of the act. I believe this in particular is a very important ethical aspect that going forward with my studies, and eventually professional practice, will be especially …show more content…

Culture is a framework through which individuals live and interpret their reality. Clients vary by social class, spiritual beliefs, physical and mental attributes, sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, race. Being sensitive of the differences and characteristics of each culture is fundamental in the practice of helping professionals. Learning this informations, discussing about why it is important to have a multicultural approach in our chosen profession, made me realize that I in the future I would like to work in multicultural

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