Becoming an Airline Pilot Essay

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Becoming an Airline Pilot
If you have a love for the sky and aviation is one of your interests, you're not deterred from being in charge of at times more than 100 lives, and you have a soft spot for exploring the world than becoming an airline pilot is for you. Airline pilots have one of the coolest, most exciting nerve racking jobs out there. My goal for this paper is to explain all about how to become an airline pilot, what it takes to become one, the facts about the job, and some pros and cons of being in the field. My interest in flying was harbored as a child during vacations, my mother is a flight attendant so we traveled often. Whenever entering an airplane I was at awe of the sheer number of controls in the cockpit and the duties of the captain and first-officer. My fascination of aviation was solidified upon the story of Frank Abagnale in the motion-picture and novel, ‘Catch me if you can’.
But becoming an airline pilot is no easy feat. Pilots must first go through numerous hours of schooling and training along with other prerequisites that must be met. Pilots do not need to attend college to become an airline pilot but most companies prefer their pilots to have some type of degree. This is because it shows that the person is accustomed to a form of education, thus usually making it easier to train that person. An attribute airlines want to see before they invest their time and money into training you. Although a degree is not necessary, there are some optional…

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