Bees Global Wealth

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Above all the aforementioned services of the bees, the fact that bees create the global wealth is possibly the least thing that one can expect. Yet, it is irrefutable that their products have been among the best-selling over a sustained period of time. A decade ago witnessed their notable contribution when providing a myriad of products such as beeswax, pollen, candles, propolis (or bee glue, used in cosmetics). As a salient example, the United States’ exportation of bee honey brought in more than $7,000,000 worth of revenue for the nation’s financial system. In addition, the country also financially benefited from several pollinated crops by bees in billions of dollars. As for the United Kingdom, the value, as estimated by the National Audit Office in 2007, was in the proximity of incredible £1 billion. …show more content…

As estimated by Researchers at the University of Reading, the bees supply the UK economy with £651 million annually, £150 million more than the Royal Family grosses by way of tourism. Additionally, bees have created an immeasurable impact on the finance at a global scale. Statistically speaking, the profits of the world’s trade range from £26 billion to £141 billion annually, with most estimates accumulating around £130 billion per year. The potential loss that the world’s financial system suffer, therefore, would be massive were it not for the bees’ existence. This is supported by the event of beehive disappearance since 2004 has restricted to fewer controlled pollinators in North America than any moment in the last 5 decades, which is the indication of losses of earnings of the countries in the area. In particular, September 2010 saw the incident of 200 honeybee apiaries vanishing in the

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