Before I Got My Eyes Put Out

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Every time we try a new thing we are put in the darkness. The darkness is the unknown as most humans fear the unknown. The light is knowledge and enlightenment or what we know. In Emily Dickinson’s poems “We grow accustomed to the darkness” and “Before I got my eyes put out” the speaker talks about her own experience of being in the dark. In both poems, the speaker was first afraid of the darkness and then got used to it. In “We grow accustomed to the darkness” the speaker recognized that we are all in the dark until we decided to be brave and find our own light. In “Before I got my eyes put out” the speaker stay in the state of not seeing and doesn't believe she could ever see again. Emily Dickinson uses these poems to say that we are in the dark until we decide to become brave and try to find your own light. In the poem “we grow accustomed to the darkness” the speaker first thinks that she is in the light but gets the light turn off on her. Then she realized that she is in the dark and is afraid. The speaker comes to a point and acknowledge that the darkness isn't scary. She also knows that to find the light you have to be…show more content…
The speaker speaks about how she loved to see like everyone else but can't do that anymore. The speaker almost feels sorry for herself because she can no longer see she has been put in the darkness and doesn't fight for her light. In the poem the speaker says “ for mine to look at when I liked, the news would strike me dead, so safer guess with just my soul upon the window pane where other creatures put their eyes”. The quote shows how the speaker thinks she will never see again. The speaker also talks about how, where her eye should be her soul is there. This means that she thinks that now that she is in the darkness she is weak and people can see her weaknesses because before her eyes protect people from seeing her
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