Begin Again Music Analysis

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In the film, Begin Again music is shown throughout the film by a form of communication in the daily lives of all the characters. Whether it is open mic night, they are at home singing or writing a song. All the characters express their feelings and communicate with music. John Carney developed this movie with music being the main focus. The main characters in the film used music as a way of communication, a way to express their feelings, how they found their family and the one thing that helped them find who they were meant to be.
Not shortly after Gretta and Dave came to New York Dave had to travel to Los Angeles with his recording studio group and Gretta had to stay. The tension began at the start of the scene, when Dave comes back home. His regretful, unemotional demeanor is a great contrast to Gretta’s excitement when they first see each other. Once they are in the kitchen, it is almost as if Dave is yearning to reveal something. The fact that he is so eager it is almost as if he wants to get caught. When Dave comes home from his trip in LA he tells Gretta about his new song that he was inspired to write while in LA. “You take me to another space in time. You take me to a higher place. So, I—I'm about to get out of the race. I don't mind” (Carney) Gretta knew when she heard this song that she was not the one who he was inspired by. The race he is referring to is the competitive drive of trying to find a soulmate. Dave did not think of Gretta in this way so he
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