The Beginning Of Basketball Essay

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The Beginning of Basketball Have you ever had an interest in how something was invented? An interest in how your favorite activity or hobby came about? Ever since I was introduced to sports and how competitive it was, I became hooked. I enjoy playing football, basketball, and baseball. Of the three main sports that I play, basketball seems to be my favorite. It challenges endurance, speed, accuracy, agility, and strength. I feel guilty not knowing who created the game that takes up most of my free-time. It is time for me to learn about the inventor and the games past. Basketball is one of the most popular games in the United States. There are many different versions of it based on where one has grown up. In the less fortunate areas of …show more content…

Later, he earned his religion degree from Presbyterian College, where he was also awarded a silver medal for his work in theology. He wasn't done yet. Next, he earned his physical education degree from the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, and medical degree from the University of Colorado. In 1861, James worked at the YMCA Training School, where he earned his physical education degree, as a physical education teacher. He was asked to invent a game by Luther Gulick, who was head of the Physical Education Department at the school. Gulick wanted it to be something that wasn't too rough, and could be played indoors. A game that would serve as some kind of distraction for the disruptive students in order to keep them out of trouble during the winter. The students were growing sick of the long winter and began to moan and pick on one another. Naismith was given fourteen days to accomplish this requested task. He was inspired by a game that he used to play as a child in Canada, called Duck on a Rock. On December 15, 1891, it was created. The game of basket ball, as it was first called being two different words, was introduced. It contained 13 original rules, one basket on each end, which were extra boxes that the janitor lent to him, and a ball. Only five men on each side were allowed to play at one time. Basketball was first played at a YMCA. A month later, on January 15,

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