Behavior and Social Problems in Classrooms

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It is important that these models are applied during children’s development through positive interactions in the family, childcare centre, school and the community. However, not all conceptual models are appropriate in assisting student with behavior problems. Therefore, this essay will discuss appropriateness of the conceptual models to assisting students with behavior problems in schools that includes Biological/biophysical, Psychodynamic, Behavioural, Cognitive-behavioural, Sociological and Ecological models. Also this essay will explain how they can be accommodated by professionals to create a supportive early childhood, and promoting positive school climate to foster wellbeing, development and learning.
The first model is the biological/biophysical model which generate negative expectations for individuals with disabilities that resulted from biophysical etiologies (Rosenberg, Wilson, Maheady, & Sindelar, 2004).Therefore , this model is inappropriate as some professional working with students with known biophysical impairment can be judgmental and low expectations of their performance (Kauffman,1985). Hence, professional and educators must be responsible to educate all students with no exceptions. They should integrate key principles into everyday instructional techniques and classroom practices and looking for opportunities to…
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