Behavioral Change Case Study

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Behavioral Change Alex is an individual that has attractive drive and talent. His temporal style of management shows the espoused theory of high determination to succeed, in which employees of his department are alienated. The theory in use is the temporal style of management he uses. Alex takes his own skills for granted in a single loop learning style. Alex is a tough, high achiever. In Model I, Alex sets goals and works to achieve them, treating any changes in the goals as weaknesses. He is objective, intellectual, but suppresses his own feelings (Theories in Action: Theory-in-use and Espoused Theory). Research has supported the relationship between goal setting and higher performance (The Art and Science of Management). The principles of scientific management include studying the way workers perform and understand their job knowledge, then finding ways to improve how tasks are performed, codifying new methods of performing tasks into written rules and standard operating procedures, and establishing a level of performance that is acceptable and fair and linking that level to pay that rewards them for performing above the acceptable level. Alex's behavior needs to change from a temporal management style to a developing management style where he replaces the temperament with an attitude of developing the employees to benefit the organization. How much does Alex know about his employees and the way they perform and understand their job duties? What are ways that he
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