Behavioral Economic Research Concerning Ethical Consumerism And Connections

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Method Embarking upon this study, I sought a premise of behavioral economic research concerning ethical consumerism and connections to psychology. Through basic search engines and the citations of other articles, a comprehensive set of studies and articles was compiled to identify and frame the research question. As a study focusing primarily on a marketing and psychological relationship, a primarily correlational research design was employed with a local survey to evaluate any behavioral connections and contribute to the present discussion; the use of a mixed research method allowed the study to gauge the participants’ perspectives more accurately and openly while maintaining a statistical basis. Following a similar format to the survey…show more content…
On the other hand, socio-economic status, has yielded limited positive correlation with fair trade consumerism, so the survey captured the views of participants in most fields of work, with no field representing a majority, lending a reasonable control for socio-economic status. A total of 92 respondents participated in the survey, 63% female and 37% male. As the population of interest was American consumers, I could not create an entirely representative sample of the population, but the aforementioned diversity provides a reasonable idea of this sample. The two fundamental questions in the survey were (Question one), “How familiar are you with the concept of fair trade?” to gauge fair trade awareness, and (Question two), “How frequently do you purchase or attempt to purchase fair trade products?” to gauge fair trade consumption. These questions, with four and five answer choices, respectively, provided incremental responses. The answer choices for the former question ranged from, “I have never heard of fair trade” to “Very familiar; I often hear about or encounter fair trade products or related information,” while the answer choices to the latter question ranged from “I have never purposefully bought a fair trade product,” to “Anytime I shop; I purposefully seek out fair trade products in everything I buy.” The information from this survey parallels similar studies in the field to contribute a deeper understanding of personality in
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