Strengths And Understanding Of Attachment

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In this assignment I am going to write about my understanding of attachment as well as reflect on the impact of attachment on social and emotional world of a child in addition outline the strengths and weaknesses of the theory.
Attachment is the strong emotional bond between a child and primary caregiver which involves in the child feeling secure, safe and protected, by how the caregiver is responding sensitively and appropriately to the child’s needs. (Berk, 2007).
Attachment gives children confident of exploring the world around them Bowlby emphasis on the emotionally relationship between the child and caregiver during the first two years of life. Continuous relationship with a caregiver leads to psychological health and well-being throughout
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Bowlby theory has dominant explanation of why attachment develops and how it developed.
One of the weaknesses of Bowlby attachment theory tends to focus on one primary attachment figure which often is the mother, but perhaps children can form attachment with other people within their lives such as father, siblings, grandparent and maybe nanny. Similarly children forming attachment with other people alongside the attachment figure is very vital because relying on one attachment figure of a caregiver can be detrimental due to the fact of resulting in dependency and might not allow another attachment to be form, which can hinder social and emotional development of the child. (Lalor & Share 2013)
Another faintness in Bowlby theory is that attachment must be maintained in specific critical period else the child will suffer irreversible long-term consequences. But it was criticise by Micheal Rutter that the effect can be reversible. (O’Brien, 2013). For example the Czechoslovakia twins boys that was in extreme isolation from eighteen months old, they were discovered at the age of seven and were able to attach to their foster family without any developmental issues. (Holt
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Through examining the impact of attachment, it is very essential for all parents and those who work in child’s organisation to have the knowledge of secure attachment.

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