Behavioral Intervention Program Models Within Autism

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Maggie Franklin
Behavioral Intervention Program Models in Autism
Application Exercise 5: Summary of an Applied Behavior Analytic Journal Article

I) Introduction

a) What are the main reasons why the authors decided to conduct this study? How did they justify what they did?

Parent training is an important part of behavioral interventions for children with developmental disabilities and challenging behaviors. It is also important that all individuals in the child’s daily life implements the behavioral treatment plan correctly and consistently in order to benefit the most. With the greatest outcome in mind, what is a cost effective way making sure the desired outcome is accomplished?

How do we enable the training to cover more than …show more content…

No matter how hard we work with the child in the clinic, if there is going to be real and lasting improvement it needs to be generalized into the child’s other settings. We try to involve parents in process and offer training through parent workshops that take place every few months and one-on-one parent trainings at the clinic. If the pyramidal “train-the-trainer” procedure is an effective method for training the child’s caregivers it could play a large role in our parent training process. If we can effectively train all the primary caregivers in the life of the child, then it is more likely that the treatment plan will be generalized to the child’s other settings.

II) Methods

a) Describe the participants and setting (location, physical arrangements)

The study consisted of three children and their caregivers. The participants were Sam a 4-year-old boy, Myron an 11-year-old boy, and Robin a 7-year-old girl. For each child a primary caregiver was selected, and then they selected two additional secondary caregivers. Each of these caregivers would participate in training sessions, which were conducted in the children’s homes. The training sessions with Sam’s caregivers were conducted in his bedroom, training sessions with Myron’s caregivers were conducted in the living room, and training sessions with Robin’s caregivers were conducted in the kitchen, all of which contained a table and chairs.

b) What were

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