Being A Deviant Behavior, Engaging The Homosexual Subculture

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The origins of this article are about the « tearooms » activities, which are considered to be a deviant behavior, engaging the homosexuals in deviant activity It 's officially considered that there is no one known more suitable place for those activities than the restrooms. Those restrooms gain a permanent name of « tearooms », defines this way in the language of the homosexual subculture, are attractive for them as emplacements for sexual “one shot” encounters without any obligations and consequence to be known in their real life. I would add, that those activities put the participants in a kind of the double life, as one is the official and an other one, they try to deny the existence. Purpose and Need for Study Purely the ends of this study, has been chosen exclusively by the author. According to my thoughts, author chose the sexual activities in the tearooms, describing it as a form of social behavior to provide a valuable answer to the numerous arrests of homosexuals in the country. Actually, the biggest number of the homo arrests related to the tearooms. Author consequently would like to answer to his own question, through the sociological investigation. He also give other reason of importance of this study, by explaining that in US the decision on what topic or field will be study are decided by the social control forces, not by the criminologist. Regarding the selection of the methodology for his research, authors affirms that the ethnographic methods

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