Being A Girl Child Was By Observation

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1.To be honest, the only way I understood how my behaviors should be as a girl child was by observation. I watched TV and observed all the women and men around me. I can say I wasn 't pursued to be one way or the other. As I grow up I wanted to wear less dresses and more shorts, do daredevil things that boys do, play football, and basketball. I was considered a tomboy by my friends. I wanted nice tennis shoes, not sandals. At that time, I wasn’t thinking about my sexual orientation I just wasn 't interesting in play with dolls like most little girls I saw.

2.My parents and family members never influenced my beliefs about sexual orientation. The possible reason I was never influenced one way or the other is because we have no one relatable in our family to spark up discussion about same sex situations. The only time I heard about anything related to LGBT is in the church. My pastor at the time emphasized on how it was wrong to have any other sexual behavior except heterosexual behavior.

Moving forward I can speak on me as a parent and how I influence my children. When my daughter at the age of 15 expressed her interest in girls that when discussions came up. First, that 's my daughter and I decided I will be supportive and love her whatever path of love she choices. I recommended her to join some support groups at church because I still have that little seed in me that the pastor planted on how it is wrong to be homosexual. My aunt was against her feeling and

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