Being A Gladiator Essay

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It was a hot summer day in Rome. Everybody was carrying out with their normal day things and jobs. I was of across at my job as a gladiator. As I sharpened my sword I looked up at the night sky. Thinking tomorrow might be the last day I live. But I passed that thought away. I looked back at my sword and mumbled to myself. “ This sword has killed over 100 men, it will not fail me this time.” It was the opening of the brand new coliseum. As i walked down the streets of Rome I looked at everything that I loved. I was one of the most renowned gladiators in Rome. Killing over 100 people with one sword. I was known so much that people would chant my name in the streets. It was a happy life, but a hard one. It paid well, but a for heavy price… Death. It was one of the things that haunt gladiators for life. One day their filthy rich the next they're being fed on by a lion. Tomorrow would be me fighting another basic gladiator, nothing special really. Not to scared, but in this job fighting for your life is what you do every day. The next day went along smoothly. I got ready for battle grabbed my sword and was sent up in a elevator. But what I wasn't suspecting was two gladiators facing me. It was gonna be hard fight but, I was still confident though. At the end of the battle I walked away sweat dripping off of me and blood across my…show more content…
Not knowing what to do I walked down the streets of Rome wandering not going anywhere particularly. I had nothing to do besides sit and watch the day go by. A life as a gladiator was hard, most people in my place would be terrified out of their wits. But I went on and fought the next day. Soon I was going up the elevator ready to fight. As I fought I found it easy and ended up victorious again. But what I didn’t notice is that I was bleeding as I turned my head I found myself facing another gladiator. Finally I had been defeated and was not expecting of
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