Being A Nurse For A Very Long Time

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During my last year of nursing school in 1993 in Shanghai, China, I witnessed an event that will be forever imprinted in my mind. A seven-year-old boy was brought to the ER with extensive III degree burns so severe that majority of his skin was charcoal black. Tragically, he had been trapped in the concrete trash house in which his family lived when a grease fire broke out. It required over ¥ 10,000 deposit for treatment, however his poverty-stricken parents could only afford ¥ 900 after borrowing from all the relatives they had. Treatment was never initiated due to the financial reasons. The disfigured child screamed in agony in the ER hallway the whole night before passing away the next morning. This tragic event made me doubt my choice as being a nurse for a very long time. Are we truly able to help those who need help the most? I started having doubt in the back of my mind of being a nurse. When I saw the mission of UCLA nursing school is to help underserved population, I heard the calling! To help people get back on their feet again from their illness regardless of their financial status and to have a different direction of life is also my dream! I am ready to advance my career to be part of it! I had been admitted into the highly-selective Second Military Medical University which offered one of the only two BSN programs in China because of my high college entrance examination scores. The curriculum was extremely rigorous, and my converted GPA does not

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