My Journey Of Becoming A Nurse Essay

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We live in a world where the human race seems to be disconnected. Nowadays it feels that there are not enough people helping each other. I don’t treat life like a competition I look at it and I ask myself how may I help? What may I do to make this world a more suitable place for all to live a comfortable and peaceful life? I yearn to come forward and fulfill my role and contribute to our society in any way possible. Nursing is my calling for helping others. It sounds cliché, this I know, but it’s what I desire and what I decided to do with my body, mind, and soul.
It is unconceivable the very few people (out of the countless people on this earth) I have met through my journey of becoming a nurse; I’ve been fortunate enough to have crossed paths with a handful of individuals who have advanced my personal growth (till this day none know how they assisted in this process). A unique individual Ms. Grant removed the shades from my eyes. She gave me the power to believe in me, she provided me with tools necessary to meet my true self. With her instruction I emerged into the woman I am today. A brilliant Professor who let me in on a little secret: the impossible is possible. A fascinating Co-worker who showed me how not to take no for an answer. He taught me the meaning of when one door closes one must gain access to a window. An incredible boss, Mrs. Logan she encouraged me to see beyond the horizon. It was this spectacular person who showed me how not to get distracted by the

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