Small Group Communication In Prison Break

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Wither if someone is a child, student or an adult they have been put into small groups at one point in their lives. For most students, like myself, it is for group projects or classroom activities. DeVito defines a small group as,” a collection of individuals who are connected to one another by some common purpose, are interdependent, have some degree of organization among them, and see themselves as a group (pg. 211).” Being a part of a small group involves a great amount of communication to make it successful.
All throughout television and movie productions viewers are able to see small group communication happen on screen. One way successful group communication was present on television was through the show Prison Break. Prison Break …show more content…

As for the feedforward stage of communication, “In Informal social groups, the feedforward may consist simply of introduction of a topic of conversation or talking about what the group’s members should do (pg. 213).” Since Michael is in prison, this would be considered an informal setting. After he found people he could trust, Michael introduced the breakout plan to his fellow inmates. The crew consisted of six men, which included himself and his brother. The six men were all on the same PI (prison industries) crew together. When-ever they had to work on a job, that’s when they would talk about their plan. Many of the members were skeptical at first, because the plan seemed crazy. However, Michael convinced them to join anyway. Once the team was on board, Michael explained what each member of the team needed to do.
After the second stage was completed, the group moved on to the Business stage of communication. DeVito explains the third stage as, “actual work on the tasks- the problem solving (pg. 213).” Michael would tell the inmates what tasks needed to be accomplished in order for the plan to be successful. He had to delegate tasks, so the mission could actually work. Once he told his fellow inmates what needed to be done, they negotiated on what they wanted. If the inmates were going complete jobs for Michael, Michael needed to do some work for them first. For example, Michael knew one inmate (John Abruzzi) had access to a small plane that

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