Being A Perfect Family System Within The Realms Of Human Nature

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There is no existence of a perfect family system within the realms of human nature. In fact, it is common place for struggles to be encountered and as such through strife comes growth. Granted this pertains to the typical life occurrences, as unexpected deaths, employment changes, environmental adjustments, and social influences brought on by sociological shifts. These normally are short lived in comparison to more traumatic events such as substance abuse as an example. The SAMHSA (2004) notes that due to the increasing complexity of the American family, substance abuse differs according to the family structure. This structure is still negatively impacted by substance abuse as it is a progressive change that alters the dynamics of the family system and in turn dramatically affects the whole of that family. There is no mistake that the disease of addiction affects the family system deeply, changes the roles of the individual family members to suit the addict and can be an attributing factor of domestic violence.
Looking into the family of an addict is much different than looking into the life of that individual. Loyalty within society rarely will run as deep as they do within the family system and as such, the family takes on the effects of addiction quite differently. Families are also governed by rules that protect the structure and build upon the foundation. Feinauer, Larson & Harper (2010) refer to this system as implicit rules that govern individual behavior and once a

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