Being A Tough Climb By Adam Lambert

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Adam Lambert says, “Being different is always going to be a tough climb.” What do the stories from the Pixar people tell us about what it is like to be a kid and be on that “tough climb?” Pixar people is trying to tell us that being different is okay and if you stay true, strong, and loyal to yourself and you will create happiness and self esteem within yourself. They explained how being gay and coming out was extremely difficult but no matter how hard things may seem things will get better if you start thinking about the future and not just the things that are happening now. Everyone in life goes through some type of struggles in life and there is always someone in the world that is experiencing the same things that you are What can we do to help the kids who are “different,” for whatever reason? How can we help them feel less alone? We can talk to them and tell them that being different is what makes them who they are. I would also explain to them that being strong and realizing that not everyone in the world accepts people who are different but then there are those who do. That is why they must befriend people who are similar to them and accepts them for who they are. Because changing themselves for the sake of others will not contribute to their happiness. I think that letting kids know that are loved and that you there for them when things are difficult in life gives them the feeling of support. And this is what a child needs in order to stay strong and think positive.

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