Being Born Into A Family Of Illustrious Medical Names

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Being born into a family of illustrious medical names, listening to the stories of success and hardships; of a gynecologist, an orthopedic surgeon, a general surgeon and other doctors in my immediate family, I was raised with a firm idea in my mind that I have to go the same path but make it bigger, better and brighter than all the others who had walked the path before. Listening to the exhilaration behind the deliveries of shoulder dystocia or breech, the adrenaline rush behind a life saved with laparotomy and the pleasure of making people walk again, Inspired me to become a doctor myself. I was convinced to bring out a whole new dimension and to add a new vista to an already burgeoning empire. At a very tender age, I started visiting the hospital setting, learning not about medicine itself but about the vast soothing impact it has on the lives of those who suffer.But it was with time that I realized that it is your own work and no one else’s that you can put in designing your destiny. And verily to fulfill this standard I scored merit scholarship for 14 years in a row, and I joined the oldest and most prestigious medical seat not only of the country but the entire South-Asian subcontinent. This institute brought out all the aspects that were gifted by nature to my personality in the most befitting manner. It was here that I realized I have been uniquely gifted to put smiles on people’s faces; I was gifted with a colloquial sense of humor which I used to bring
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