Being Prepared For Battle

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Being Prepared for Battle 2 Corinthians 10:1-6 Intro A. Attention Getter – For those of you who don’t know, I am in the National Guard. There was one time when I was in Fort Benning, Georgia. Our unit was running missions, we were training to better equip ourselves if we were ever deployed. The mission we were running was called operation ‘Loan Wolf’, the mission was basically this, we were to cross over enemy lines, one team was supposed to cut the enemy communication lines, while the other team flanked left in the enemy village. They were supposed to stop just outside the village, take cover and shoot 3 grenades out of the one grenade launcher that our team had, my buddy Hoskins was assigned to shoot the 3 grenades into a two story house that intelligence had told us that there was a leading Al-Qaeda leader there. Well, we crossed over enemy lines, being undetected the whole time, Alpha team went half a click east to cut the lines, immediately after we had radio confirmation that the lines were cut, Hoskins was supposed to shoot the 3 grenades into the upper window of the west side of the building. No problem right? Just one, Hoskins forgot to grab the 3 grenades before we left. So the mission was a fail B. Read the passage C. Give background to passage D. Need – Many Christians are like my friend Hoskins. They gear up, getting all prepared for the battle, they even start off the mission strong. I remember Hoskins leading our team through the woods. No one would have
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