Being Raised in a Hindu Family in Srilanka and Canada

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For my Anthropological observation study, I will be writing about my culture which I will be familiar with since I have a greater understanding. And also I will be able to analyze some aspects based on my observations that I have received throughout my life. I was born in Srilanka in a Hindu family and lived there for twelve years, until I came to Canada. I would like to write about Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus, that I have observed so far in Srilanka and Canada. I will be focusing on family relationship and social life. In this essay Ill argue that Tamils culture has changed in Canada over time and why it is important to adapt to a new culture in a different country.
As we studied in lecture, the culture of a particular community is meaningful
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Gender plays an important factor in determine the conduct. Women are expected to defer to men of relatively equal status and keeping themselves covered at all times. They are also expected to refrain from direct physical contact with men and to refuse all alcohol and tobacco products. However there is a great deal of physical contact between members of the same gender and with children to show closeness. Women usually eat last at meals after they have served the husband and their children. While the more westernized people use spoon or fork, food is commonly eaten with the right hand. In srilanka, there is a tradition of both men and a woman working but it is not evenly distributed .Generally, men focus on income, and dominate all aspects of business and social life. Women are responsible for cooking, taking care of children and taking care of housework. Within the home, regardless of their employment, women do all food preparation and most other domestic work. Even though, women have a great power within a family, the main authority belongs to the oldest male member in the house. Babies are kept with their mothers until they can walk or until they are school aged. Then they are encouraged to move into a bed with their siblings. Almost all mothers breast feed their children commonly through the first

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