Belonging In Woody Allen's Film 'Blue Jasmine'

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If you were abruptly forced to change your lifestyle to another, would you be able to adapt easily? Humans have an everlasting desire to belong to others by finding their place in the world. However, when this desire is unfulfilled, individual’s struggle to come to terms with their lack of place, leading them to find ways to ‘belonged’ to by putting on a facade. Woody Allen uses his film “Blue Jasmine” as a vehicle to explore the notion of belonging through the extensive portrayal of the complex character of Jasmine’s inability to grasp reality and her desire for the past. ‘Blue Jasmine’ enables the responder to develop insight into an individual's hunger to belong to the world and ultimately overcome barriers. This hunger is satisfactorily …show more content…

Jasmine makes a choice to change her name from Jeantte to Jasmine reflecting her desire to adopt a new identity, hiding her true one. Thus, regardless of her financial struggles, Jasmine tells her sister she flew first class which clearly outlines to the responder her inability to accept her current financial situation. She hides her collapsed marriage and her ex-husband’s suicide and navigates her crisis by telling herself; she will resume college, embark on a career and be happy again. Jasmine struggles to regain a place in society and to fix this issue she takes the opportunity of meeting Dwight, a rich, accomplished and ambitious man. She conceals her past from him by wearing a façade and pretends to be an interior designer. On their way to a jewellery store, they run into Augie where he makes a comment about Jasmine being “broke”. At this moment, Jasmine’s true identity is revealed and she has lost her way back into the affluent lifestyle. Evidently, a façade is not effective in allowing one to connect.

Woody Allen demonstrates how an individual is nostalgic of their utopian past and are not ready to face reality of belonging to a new lifestyle. These individuals will also seek paths back into that life through putting up a fake front. Evidently from his film, ‘Blue Jasmine’, the character of Jasmine is the perfect portrayal of an individual that does not try to adopt the new lifestyle, but instead

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