Ben and Jerry’s: Peace, Love, and Ice Cream

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Ben and Jerry’s: Peace, Love, and Ice Cream Ben Cohan and Jerry Greenfield built a business with the belief that it could be both profitable and socially responsible and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. “With $12,000 Ben and Jerry opened their first ice-cream parlor in Burlington, Vermont in 1978” (Folino). This location will the beginning of an ice-cream empire and both Ben and Jerry’s values and leadership will create a business that will become not only a charitable organization but one of the most popular and enjoyed ice-cream establishments in the world. Why Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield Began Their Business and Their Educational Preparation. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield met at junior high school in gym class, running on a track in last place, they both really disliked running but loved food, and have been friends ever since. Both Ben and Jerry went to college after high school but Jerry dropped out when he could not get into med school and Ben decided college was not for him. This in turn led them to taking a “$5 course at Penn state in ice-cream making” (Richard) and furthermore following both of their passion for food into the ice-cream business. Ultimately, they opened their first franchise in 1981 “in Shelburne, Vermont, the same year Times Magazine named Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream “best in the world””(Bachara). Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfields’s Values. Throughout their career Cohen and Greenfields’s company values have remained the backbone of

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