Benders Academy: A Short Story

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Rex didn’t realize that my deep thinking wasn’t just about Benders Academy but main about the baby right in front of me and the danger it might be in. “So Rex have you decided if you want to got to Benders Academy yourself, the invitation does include pures,” I asked to change the conversation. He grinned, “Of course my niece, I am only a year older than you. Plus, I want out of the continuous loop of the pure life. I may even try to blend into normal society just as you impures do; start a family and all that.” “I’m sure Oliver so going to be so happy about that,” I stated sacrasincly. He shrugged, “I really don’t care what my father thinks and I know you don’t care as well. I know you’re working with Polo investigating your own father’s past and I’ve hear stories about how well you listened to him about Cypruss.” He paused for a few seconds before changing the subject, “Do think there is a reason why impures and pures have kept a low profile all this years?” I stared at him oddly giving him my full attention, “What do you mean?” “Pure and impures have tried most of our existents to stay out of normals hairs. …show more content…

Think about recent events. The government and the world has eyes on us now because the actions of the impures. You going in all guns a blazing to save cities is only making us look bad, really Anna think. You actions are slowly leading to a war with the normals and the end of pures and impures,” he explained. Was he really blaming all this on me, “I going into those cities to save people from our kind that has no respect for live and if there is a war coming, it’s on the normals. They are the ones that blew up the pures islands.” “You were the one that moved my kind there and you are the one that has put this team of you’re together,” he snapped but took a deep breath, “I’m not trying to blame this on you, I just don’t want this war that is

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