Bending Space and Time Essay

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The bending of time and space is usually reserved for science fiction and the dreams of young kids who enjoy the thoughts and fantasy of being great space captains and saving the galaxy. Now if we imagine both time and space being physical things, thing that could be changed, or bent, to our will, we will get the basis of the idea we are trying to present. Space is already viewed as physical, as space doesn’t necessarily mean the “Final Frontier” but as the area around us and all that it contains, but we don’t have the capability of being able to alter it in any great way, only use it has it was given to us. Time is seen not as a thing at all, but a perception of the world, or space, around us and how it moves and travels, depending on the …show more content…

Now bend that paper in half so those two points are right on top of each other and imagine (since you can’t draw this one) the line representing the new shortest distance. Now consider, if you will, being able to do with actual space itself. Bending the entire universe, and this time I mean physically bending it to be able to change the shortest distance to such a distance that it’s like being able to take a step there, but since physically bending it is even weirder, we’re metaphysically bending it by sending broken up particles to another point where they will be reconstructed into the item originally broken up. One could even argue that in this process the original is copied and destroyed and an entirely new one walks away, or if it isn’t a live thing, a new one is obtained, but in such perfect detail to the original, or if this isn’t its first time it’s gone, a perfect copy of another perfect copy, meaning that there would be no complications caused by moving a copy. But we’re humans, and once this technology is real, it is my own personal belief that this won’t be a perfect process. So space is a physical thing that can be represented by say, a piece of paper, and then that piece of paper can be physically bent to describe the physical to metaphysical relationship to how it works when someone would bend it to make the shortest distance between the two points event shorter. Now we can discuss how time works, which is as much a question of

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