Benefitations Of Structural Racism In The United States

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The U.S.s’ roots were built off of racism based on a culture that has allowed white privilege and disadvantages for Black, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native, Arab and other racially oppressed people. We still see racism today either through conscious or unconscious actions. Structural Racism feeds off of unconscious racism, meaning public and private institutions try to ‘unintentionally’ keep a class of people from excelling. Therefore, Institutional Racism is based off conscious racism, meaning it thrives off the oppression and discrimination against people other than whites. Although some will say racism is no longer a contributing issue to society, it is an ongoing issue that has never seized to exist. The most profound and pervasive form of racism is Structural Racism. Structural Racism in the U.S. is the normalization and legitimization of a range of policies, practices, and attitudes that routinely advantage whites and produce cumulative and chronic adverse outcomes for racially oppressed people. Basically, Structural Racism is the silent killer of opportunities for everyone but the whites. Government agencies have a lot of power in this country, therefore they have control on whether or not a certain class of individuals can excel. They do this by building low income homes in poor neighborhoods dedicated to certain races to remove opportunity to better their lives, like having limited access to public transportation, jobs, schools and quality healthcare. This

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