Benefits And Benefits Of Medicare

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Medicare part A benefits apply as soon as the patient is admitted to the hospital and end when the patient is hospitalized for 60 consecutive days. After 60 days, the patient will be responsible for copay from 60 days to 90 days. Medicare part A pays for hospital and skilled nursing facilities only when deemed medically necessary. Initial copayment is required upon hospital admittance and separate copayment is required after 60 days within a benefit period. Once the patient pays the copay, the hospital or skilled nurse facility will document all services provided to patient. Coding will assign payment codes to all services rendered for billing purposes. Once all codes are in place and assigned to a service provided, all services will be reviewed and a claim will be filed. A claim cannot be filled until the patient is discharged. A patient can stay a maximum of 100 within a benefit period as long as the patient continues to pay copay after 60 days. Medicare part A only covers inpatient hospital and skilled nursing facilities. Medicare part A does not cover Outpatient services. Medicare part B covers Outpatient services or supplemental services. Physician and surgeon services such as dentists and podiatrist services are reimbursed under Medicare part B coverage. Medicare part B coverage must be documented as medically necessary or medically preventative in order to be covered and reimbursed. Medicare part B usually carries a deductible and only covers outpatient services that

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