Benefits Of Cable Technology

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• Use of Panduit TAK-TAPE TTS-20R0 in the MDF, IDF and computer room (data center) is required. No nylon cable ties shall be allowed. In all plenum applications, Panduit HLSP or HLTP Tak-Ty cable ties shall be used. • Do not exceed the minimum bend of 4 x Outside Diameter (OD) for 4 pair UTP, 10 x OD for multi pair (more than 4 pair) UTP, 1.18 in. for two fiber cable, and 10 x OD for multi fiber cable. • Per TIA/EIA 568-B never un-twist the pairs of cable beyond the absolute minimum required for termination. Without exception the connectors have no “twist” separation of the copper connectors from the IDC on each and every termination. • The cable jacket on UTP shall only be stripped back the minimum required to terminate to connecting …show more content…

• All dedicated telecommunications grounding bus bars shall be labeled. • Cross-connect fields shall be labeled according to ANSI/TIA/EIA 606-B. Contractor shall supply final As-Built drawings to Choctaw Nation prior to cutover. These drawings shall show details of each WAO, IDF locations and cable routings. All drawings are to be saved electronically in AutoCAD or Visio format, as well as hard copy. Test documentation shall be provided in a three-ring binder(s) and in CD-ROM format within three weeks after the completion of the project. The binder(s) shall be clearly marked on the outside front cover and spine with the words “Test Results”, the project name, and the date of completion (month and year). The test equipment by name, manufacturer, model number and last calibration date will also be provided at the end of the document. The test document shall detail the test method used and the specific settings of the equipment during the test. All test documents are to be saved in electronic format utilizing Microsoft Excel, WORD, Visio or AutoCAD. Contractor shall supply Two (2) copies of Test Result Documents and As-Built drawings to the customer upon completion of the project. Grounding Grounding shall meet the requirements of the NEC and additionally grounding bonding shall conform with ANSI/TIA/EIA-607-B.1. The cabling Contractor shall accomplish all telecommunications hardware grounding utilizing Panduit

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