Benefits Of Community College

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Should community college should be free? Now everyone can get an education if they wanted to, community colleges or a university can help people get a career to succeed. Some students dont really have enough money to go to a university because is really expensive but there is a solution community college can help everyone earn their associate's degree and transfer in the future. Community colleges gives students the opportunity to get the same education as a university but with less money. Community colleges should not be free for many reasons , higher taxes, a lot of people on waiting list, students not taking classes serious, and poor quality classes. Community college shouldn't be free because everyone is going to get higher …show more content…

A community college is suppose to help those in needs. For example, my family don’t have money and if a community college would be free students wouldn't get money from fafsa and I would have to work so much to get the books because the fafsa money covers everything and if it was free it wouldn't cover anything. Jacobs explains “...doesn't help if a student can't get into the right class or find help figuring out what classes to take, she said.” (page 3) students would have to chose other classes if the classes that they need to take are full. Sometimes it’s really hard to find the right classes because we have to see if the career that we want to take requires that class and also we have to see if there is space because something about the community college that I personally I dont like is that the classes get full really fast. All community college shouldn't be free because is going to affect everyone. Some may think that community colleges should be free because low income students don’t have money to cover for it. Jacobs says “it could create an environment where states step up on founding.” she said” It's not easy to convince people to found the schools but as I said community colleges are going to get pack and not everyone is going to have the opportunity to earn their associate's degree or transfer. A community college should help the community by providing the right classes for the students

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