Benefits Of Designer Babies

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Genes are a complex part of human life, and make each of us different and special. But what if there was a choice where you could genetically alter your child, making them disease free and astonishing athletes? It sounds almost too good to be true, to have your very own designer baby. For the good of human species, we should be allowed to alter human genetics. With all these amazing abilities and unlimited changes we could make to our children, it would be like shopping for clothes at a mall. This may sound like a dream come true, but it can lead to many problems in the near future. Trying to change human genes takes away each person's own individuality, and could cause people to segregate the people who were not genetically altered. Even if it can make beautiful, healthy children, it has too many problems than benefits to actually be any good for humans.…show more content…
Everyone will ultimately have the same skill set, and may even encourage parents to make super humans, almost terminator like robots who are capable of anything. This idea may be very enticing to some. However, since no one will have individuality, no person will be unique or different in some way, and everyone will eventually become the same. The people who worked at GATTACA, were all very intelligent, uniform people who, when it comes down to it, are all very similar. Yes, some may be better than others, but they are all similar when it came down to it. Their genes and genetics were implemented in them at their birth, so they did not have to work for many of the skills they have. Thus, making them all have many similarities and little to no
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