Benefits Of Dramatic Play

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Benefits of Dramatic play and musical theatre training from childhood to young children
Dramatic play and Musical theatre are two powerful tools for the development and learning process in children. In this piece we, will look at the two of them and their benefits for children.
Dramatic Play
Is your child a creative type who is always rearranging his room to form a place such as the airport or classroom? Does you little boy love being called a name representative of a profession? What your child is doing is dramatic play.
Dramatic play refers to a form of play where children pretend to be someone or something else, and act like the entity. The role they choose might be a familiar person such as dad, or they might select a fictional character like Superman and stat thumping about the house with …show more content…

If your child attends a theatre arts school, his teacher can set up a scenario where the children will be assigned roles to act out. The unstructured play is what your child does at home in a place convenient for his creativity. You might see dramatic play as mere pretensions, but experts say that it is an essential foundation in your child's mental development and learning process, and parents should encourage their children whenever they see their children playing in a dramatic way. Here are some of the reasons why dramatic
Language Development
Dramatic play helps to develop children's language skills because it requires children to be expressive as they need to communicate like the character they are acting. Since they will be acting with other children, they talk freely with each other, and they become comfortable with speaking in a group.
Builds Self Control
Children of preschool age can be unruly and out of control, but dramatic play confines them to a role which they believe they need to stick to, and this engenders coordination and the ability to control their impulses and work as a team with other

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