Benefits Of Genetically Modified Food Essay

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Unless one eats only fresh, unprocessed foods that are marked as non-GMO or certified organic; chances are that one eats food that has been genetically modified. Up to eighty percent of food in stores in America are genetically modified. America pushes these foods and the biotech industry so intensely. But, are these foods truly safe? Many people don’t exactly know what a GMO is. A GMO is a genetically modified food. They are plants or seeds that have been changed genetically by scientist. Scientist do this by adding DNA from another plant, bacteria, or virus to the plant or seed. This makes plants have new qualities. Such as, resistance to disease, bugs, drought, and longer shelf life. GMOs are also usually resistant to chemicals in pesticides. Allowing fields of corn, for example, to be sprayed with pesticides, and letting the crop live while killing just the weeds within the crop field.
Another example is RoundUp Ready corn; this corn can be sprayed with weed killer and survive while the weeds die out. Scientist can also create potatoes that don’t get bruises from the farm to the table and apples that don’t brown when you slice them. All the ‘perfect’ food sounds peachy. Monsanto, a GMO food company, even says that GM foods are completely safe. In fact, Monsanto states on their website they state that, “in the nineteen years since GMO crops were first commercialized we haven’t found any evidence of harm to humans or animals. Since safety was first demonstrated and

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