Benefits Of Healthy Nutritional Habits

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Healthy nutritional habits are emphasized in all educational atmospheres throughout the country, but, ironically, they are highly ignored when developing school meals. It is no secret that American children are offered the wrong variety of nutrients, including sugars, carbohydrates, and fats. This is especially alarming, due to the fact, that in a survey conducted in 2012, nearly 21 million adolescents stated that they were dependent on school lunches as their main meal of the day (Perle). Therefore, it is estimated that the average student is receiving sixty five percent of their everyday calorie intake within school. Actually, many schools also offer breakfast along with lunch. To put it in perspective, if an elementary student eats all elements of both meals provided in one day, their are eating anywhere from 900-1150 calories, which is over half of the recommended daily calories(Calories Into Perspective). These numbers only continue to increase for middle and high school students who require more energy, consequently more food. Calories are used to measure energy, but when eaten in extreme concentration, they are stored as fat, which is meant to be burned later; given the lessening average minutes of activity among the youth, these numbers are exceptionally distressing. It is necessary for stricter maximum calorie regulations to be applied, in order to lower the amount of fat students are gaining and storing overtime. Calories are not the only area of worry, as a…

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