Benefits Of Low Wage Jobs Essay

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Introduction Imagine this, a women was unable to afford college when she was an adolescent, therefore she ended up working any job she could find. That leaves her with minimum wage jobs. She applies for a few jobs and ends up working two, after all she has two children to support and she is single. After a long day at work she has to come home and decide how her paycheck will be cut up, food, clothing, bills? If you can imagine that, now imagine that this is a common economic issue for one of the richest countries in the entire world: the United States.
Low wage jobs can provide valuable experience for people along with providing them spending money. Having low wage jobs help keep production costs low as well. This sounds nice, but when you factor in the fact that 1 in 3 low wage workers are supporting their low income family, it can seem a bit concerning. (Lerman & Skidmore). Another interesting statistic is that 89% of the people who would reap the benefits of a wage increase are 20 or older, 56% of those people being women (United States Department of Labor). The minimum wage was created to help protect workers from being taken advantage of by their employers (Harvey). Having a set wage everyone has to be paid by is helpful but not as much as one would like when the wage does not increase for several years, even though process of goods and necessities have increased. What is to stop employers from paying only $7.25?
In 2011, roughly 31.5% of low wage workers lived
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