Benefits Of National Honor Society

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EC #1 I am involved with National Honor Society from 10th grade. Currently, I am a member of National Honor Society. My role in National Honor Society is to participate in and support all service projects throughout the year, share ideas and information about chapter activities, encourage others to get involved and support chapter activities and help all newcomers find activity they can become involved in also keep inspiring them to get a good GPA in order to become a member of National Honor Society. It helps me to grow because the National Honor Society keeps challenging me to get a higher GPA in order to be a member. The National Honor Society requires you to have a good character such as responsibility, respect for others and maintains a clean disciplinary record. This character requirement helps me develop a good character also generally help me maintain a clean disciplinary records. Furthermore, I gain lots of benefits from this extracurricular activity because services project allows me to build a teamwork capabilities and service project allows me to share all my skills and knowledge to other people, it allows others to share their knowledge and skills with me and by doing this I learn valuable life skills. Although National Honor Society not related to my major, I believe the purpose of National Honor Society is to recognize students having certain GPA and pushing students to volunteer. Which are most benefits about National Honor Society because it allows me to

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