Benefits Of Public School Vs Home Schooling

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Is public school education better than home schooling? Home schooling is a very controversial subject among many people. Some parents say that they would love to home school their children if they had the time, while other parents say that they would never home school because home schooled children lack socialization skills. There are many statistics that support that homeschooled children do just as well with their education and socialization as public schooled children do. Home schooling your children definitely requires a great deal of time and patience, but if you are willing to try it out it could be very beneficial to your child’s education and the relationship you have with your child. When public and home schooling are compared there are many benefits to each, but home schooling is more flexible with your time and your child can get a personalized education just for their needs. When a parent homeschools their child they have the freedom to do school work at any time they want and in addition run their errands when needed. Parents do not have to work their schedules around the typical school day time frame used in public schools. When home schooled, parents can teach their children about significant events in history or other subjects but also actually show them where such events happened around the U.S. Public school has limitations on the days a child can be absent, even for such travel as to learn about a subject or event (Courtney 1). Not having to

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