Benefits Of The Federal Minimum Wage

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The Federal Minimum wage was implemented by president Franklin Roosevelt in 1938. Minimum wage was set at $0.25 at this time to help the people sustain a happy healthy and efficient life. In today's society your gonna need more than $0.25 an hour to live, better yet survive. That’s why the bare minimum wage today is at $7.25 per hour. Through the years the world has advanced and prices have increased this is why minimum wage has been increased since that time and is still changing. This may be the bare minimum the Federal Reserve requires for states that do not have laws for minimum wage but, not all states have the same minimum wage. Each state can have laws on what the minimum wage is in that state. Since some places are more expensive to live than others, its is practical that the the area that is more expensive to live in has a higher minimum wage than the other. For example the minimum wage in South Carolina is the Federal Reserve's minimum of $7.25 and the minimum wage in New York is about $9.70 depending on amount of workers and all that good stuff, the point is, the cost of living may be greater in New York than it is in South carolina. Some people in the United states want the minimum wage to increase and then there are some who do not. Well who wouldn't want more money you might ask? It's not as great as it seems, yes it would be great for everyone in the United states for their paycheck to increased, but you have to look outside the box and think about the

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