Benefits Of Raising Minimum Wage

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Creating jobs, raising minimum wage, donating to the poor are not going to erase the poverty out of the United States of America. The government defines poverty as the bottom fifteen percent of annual income. No matter what one does to increase a person’s income there will always be someone in poverty. Across America there are always charities, religious groups, and civic clubs who are giving to the poor--from food giveaways, clothing giveaways, free tutoring, free health screenings, whatever else there is constantly something for the poor to benefit from. The problem is that people want to help, but if they are constantly giving the needy these items, services, or money, then are the poor becoming dependent? When will one person stop …show more content…

If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime” (“Chinese” par. 1). This ancient proverb has some truth in it. Right now in America, the poor are not being taught “how to fish” instead they are relying on charities to give away food and clothing for them to survive. Through work readiness programs and a reform in food and clothing distribution, charities can cut the parasite of the dependent poor and prepare them to go out and earn what they need. Job preparation programs are an excellent way to minister the poor and needy by preparing them for the future and empowering them to be able to take care of themselves. In Seat Pleasant, Maryland, the Training Source offers job-training program, self-improvement workshops, and skill training. The Training Source is teaching those who do not have jobs, job skills which will equip them and help them to find a job (Singletary par. 9). Once the poor and needy have a job, they will not need to rely on donations of food and clothing to survive. In my hometown, Anniston, Alabama, the Christians Women’s Job Corp and the Christian Men’s Job Corp pairs men and women up with mentors who will help the needy with obtaining their GED, interviewing skills, resume building, how to dress for success, and applying for jobs. The job corps also provide, upon completion of classes, interview appropriate clothing and transportation to job interviews. Both of these programs are helping

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