Benefits of National Nursing Licensure vs. Individual State Licensure

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Benefits of National Nursing Licensure versus Individual State Licensure Introduction Nursing is a crucial field, which affects the lives of people. The public does not have enough information pertaining those who practice nursing this led to the introduction of nursing licensure to protect the public from unqualified persons. This license sets qualifications and competence of nursing professionals. Compared to state nursing licensure, national nursing licensure advocates for a more effective practice for nurses. It reduces or lessens nursing shortage by promoting mobility of the nursing professionals. National nursing licensure has a number of advantages over individual state nursing licensure. These include enhanced patient access to quality nursing care, improved discipline and information distribution amongst the states, physical and electronic provision of care by competent nurses, and ease of employers to more movable and proficient nurses (Fraziea, 2012). Advantages of National Licensure/ Disadvantages of Individual State Licensure More proficient and mobile nurses, national license authorizes nurses to work in other states that practice of national licensing. This ensures the availability of nurses wherever they are needed hence it improves their performance to the public. Individual state licensure only allows nurses to operate in the country of their registration and not any other country (Fraziea, 2012). Physical and electronic service provision of care

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