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Professional Development - Future of Nursing and IOM Report In 2008, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) launched an initiative to assess and reform the nursing profession to address the complex unique nursing needs for the current world. The IOM report published in 2010 calls on nurses to take greater role in the healthcare system by taking leadership roles and obtaining high level education. The report envisions nurses to use their full potential and attain academic progression to redesign the healthcare profession in United States. The Impact of IOM Report on Future of Nursing The IOM report delivers the following key messages to the world about the future of nursing (IOM Report, 2010):…show more content…
In the future nurses will have to face complex care situations in hospitals and should take critical lifesaving decisions with the help of technology and information management systems which requires analytical and synthetic skills. A baccalaureate or doctoral degree will help nurses to master the domain with more than basic knowledge of patient care. Nursing Practice Attaining a high level of education will improve the healthcare system only if nurses are fully utilizing their knowledge and abilities. Many times nurses face challenges in exercising their abilities and knowledge due to institutional policies or government regulations, For current and future needs we need to enable all healthcare professionals especially nurses to practice to the full level of their education and training. Advanced practice nurses can fulfill the primary care needs. This will free up physicians to address more complex cases which needs their expertise. Current practice focus on specialty and acute care only and a shift in practice to deliver more primary care and community care services is essential to improve the quality of nursing care and address the growing need of care in these areas. Involvement of nurses in patient care substantially improves the quality of care and reduces medical errors. A study conducted by RWJF at John Hopkins University has found significant reduction in blood stream infection can be achieved by nurses leading the

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