American Nurses Association ( Ana )

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In the United States alone there are well over three million registered nurses as of 2015, with just over two hundred thousand of that total practicing within the state of Florida (Total Number of Professionally Active Nurses, 2015, n.p.). With that being said, there are many different nursing organizations available within the United States to represent not only the registered nurse, but also to represent the student nurse as well. Several nursing organizations are geared towards specialties, ethnicity, location, education level or gender (Matthews, J., 2012, n.p.). Nursing organizations also lobby federally for the profession as a whole as well as for the public (Schroeder, R., 2013, August, pg.99). For the purpose of this paper I will …show more content…

The benefits of membership include continuing education credits that are offered at either no cost or are discounted. Membership also includes journals, emails, webinars, and conferences. Additionally, the ANA offers personal incentives to members which include: discounted automobile, liability, life, and long term care insurance in addition to financial planning through fastidiously selected corporations (Member Benefits, n.d.). The ANA also offers a membership for student nurses that enables the student nurse to access the organizations content and publications as well (Student Nurses, n.d.). National League for Nursing (NLN) The National League for Nursing (NLN) is guided by four core values; caring, integrity, diversity and excellence (National League of Nursing, n.d.). Initially the NLN was called the American Society of Superintendents of Training Schools for Nurses (Matthews, J., 2012, n.p.). Though smaller in membership than the ANA, the NLN has existed for over 100 years and boasts forty thousand members. The NLN mission is to advance the quality of education for nursing in order to enhance health not only for the country, but also the world. The organization represents educators as well as nurses. Membership opens the doors to testing services, research grants, and professional development through continuing education webinars, conferences and

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