Benefits of a College Degree

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Of course there are obvious benefits to getting a college degree such as better salary potential, greater ability to advance in one's career, the potential for greater job stability, and of course greater job satisfaction. These are some of the main reasons why I chose to continue my education and learning; however, these are not the only benefits that I have experienced. In reflecting on my educational experience I find that first studying business has prepared me to understand my functions as a manager in a more complete sense. From a professional standpoint learning has broadened my knowledge base (obviously) and my skill set as well. I understand more completely about problem-solving in my business and how to negotiate and make the best of any given situation that may arise. One important aspect of getting a higher education is learning how to communicate with others and a big aspect of effective communication is learning how to listen to others. Listening is a skill that I did not have prior to my university experiences. Before my education when someone was explaining something to me instead of listening to what they were saying I was more mentally occupied with getting my point across. So instead of really listening and hearing what the other person said I was busy thinking about what I was going to say. Very often this would result in neither party understanding what the other party was saying nor either party being able to get their point across. One of the things

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