Beneful: Premium Dog Food

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Quite a few dog food manufacturers are smiling all the way to the bank. Why? Well, premium dog food sales are higher than ever. Generally, this is due to the new direction that dog manufacturers are taking in producing their dog food. A lot of the smaller dog food manufactures were the first to take the step to improve dog food by adding real meat and vegetables to the mix. They quickly discovered that pet owner's were eager to open their wallets and pay more for the healthier, premium dog food.

Premium Dog Food
A large number of the pet food companies are going a step further. They are making specialized premium dog food. For example, Colgate/Palmolive is manufacturing a dog food for dogs that are overweight. Purina has a website online that allows pet owners to go there and create their own dog food blends. Some manufacturers are even producing premium dog food that mimics the foods consumed by the pet owners. Statistics show that the new ideas
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Beneful is a leading producer of quality dog food in this country and around the world. Beneful products are made with healthy and very nutritious ingredients that dog owners prefer for their pets. Beneful really does care about your pet and providing them with nutritional, premium quality dog food.

Beneful goes the extra step to make sure that the quality is the highest possible. In fact, their quality control is one of the best in the industry. Their innovative tracking system follows the products through production. Thus, making sure that every product receives the best care through the production process. All the suppliers for Beneful pet food must might their very high and strict processing standards to ensure that only the best is used in the production process. It is also interesting to note that some dog foods are produced and manufactured in foreign lands. However, Beneful is produced right in the United
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